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The Supermarket and the Architect

Close your eyes (well, not really, you should still be able to read) and join us in guided imagery that will explain what BIM is

Imagine you are going to the supermarket, looking at your shopping list: 3% milk, whole-wheat pasta, eggs. You grab a product from the shelf, examine the information on the back of the package, look at the number of calories, the amount of sugar and salt, even look for a certification badge of some sort to reassure you that this product is sustainable or healthy and etc. Pretty easy to imagine, you probably did it recently. Now imagine that you are an architect in the product selection and specification phase of the project. The experience is similar, except that the architect's shelf is virtual, so it's important that the information "on the back of the package" is digitized. And that's, in a nutshell - BIM.

BIM allows the architect to implement products in the early stages of a project. If you want to be on board with the changes currently taking place in the construction industry you have to move towards BIM. This is where Bimmatch gets in the picture. Using AI, we automate and streamline the procurement process of construction products and materials. In other words, Bimmatch connects you to BIM.

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