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In 2019, the couple has initiated Bimmatch in pursue of a technological solution for streamlining the selection and procurement process in the construction industry. Bimmatch happened to be so much more than that. With AI technologies, based on BIM methodology, they created a platform for all participants of the planning and execution process to communicate, make smart decisions, support green buildings solutions, and purchase economically. 

Cheli Wasserman


Experienced architect and BIM expert, Graduated M.Arch by DIA Bauhaus

Eli Wasserman

CCO and Product Lead

Digital product expert with vast experience as UX designer

Investing in startups in tech-nascent markets where strategic capital is scarce. An ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, designers, and developers are driven by both experience and technology to radically change how startups start and investors finish.

Bimmatch is endorsed by

A leading incubator and PropTech hub connecting startups with contractors, software companies, regulatory bodies, policymakers, and investors with a mission to turn Israel into a global ConstructionTech hub using innovative technology, the local market, and the Israeli entrepreneurial spirit.

A program bringing together the key players from all relevant industries across continents, connecting the best technology startups to corporations, governments, and investors in the construction industry.

Our Team

Sudhir Yelikar


Experienced systems architect and dev-team leader, a coder and a problem solver

Erga Shilony

Content Manager

Content Creation, Marketing & Communications professional with 10+ years of experience

Our doors are BIM detailed, and our doors are open.

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