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We empower project teams of architects, engineers, consultants, managers and owners, with a platform to manage all the project’s specifications, standards and materials, for all project phases.


You need a great tool to take the best from BIM

Organization Library

How do you manage, update and share family files, and specifications with your teams? 

And, how do you control its data and usage?


Bimmatch provides you with a dedicated CMS (Content Management System) for BIM to create a one-stop source of all your BIM specifications and files; This is the Organization Library.

You can easily manage and share the Organization Library with anyone in your organization or with external teams, to be easily used with our plug-in to Autodesk Revit; Any changes in the specifications will be automatically communicated to all the relevant members.


If you already have .rfa files - great! We make it super easy for you - drag & drop your .rfa files into Bimmatch CMS and the automation process will take care of the rest.


It’s all about the matching

Market research shows that architects, consultants, and engineers, spend more than 3 hours a day in search of the right products, materials, and solutions.

This is much!


This is why we put much focus on our matching engine - we have a secret sauce to match your project with the right products for you to choose and apply.

Bimmatch plugs it all into Revit

All of Bimmatch data is available within the Bimmatch plug-in to Revit.

Revit users can apply any product data, either from the Bimmatch catalog of products or from an Organization Library. It can be by applying data only, even a specific parameter, or applying and replacing geometries of a selected model element with a .rfa file from the catalog or Organization Library.


All the plug-in activity is pushed to the project page, to give you full monitoring of data and products applied to the project.

Click on the button below to go to the Bimmatch's plug-in page on Autodesk App Store.


The plug-in is developed by a Platinum Partner Of Autodesk and it's 100% tested and secure by Autodesk support



Bill Of Materials by automation

By creating a project on the Bimmatch platform, and sharing the project with your team members to apply specifications and products, the Bill Of Materials evolves dynamically while the project progresses. 

All specification data in the project, including the selected materials and products, are reflected on your project page, constantly, from all the project members.

It is an automated and dynamic Bill Of Materials.


Towards procurement, you can drill down in the Bill Of Materials to any aspect of the project, and initiate quick and detailed RFQs with a click, to all vendors that you choose.


Data Intelligence 

All the data of specifications, products, and materials, is being transferred on the Bimmatch platform. This data is analyzed to slice and dice and provided to you within analytics and business reports.


Take the best of Bimmatch and your data, to be more efficient, economic, and aligned with sustainability standards.

Product by Location


Have you ever worked on a pre-made BIM model with a separate list of specifications and products?

Think of a BIM model that was made by a 3D survey cam, and now you need to apply to it a list of products and materials according to coordination values. 


Sounds strange?


Well, we have seen such cases, and we have a Revit solution to tackle it.

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