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Manufacturers, this is how you make your product desirable for architects

From the concept to the installation - here are five tips on how to increase your chances, construction materials suppliers and manufacturers, to be chosen for your next great project

Installation instructions

Architects and designers are responsible for finding high-quality products, well designed, at a good price, and... simple to install. Help the architect convince the other stakeholders in the project that your product is the perfect solution by making comprehensive information accessible, including information on how to install and implement it. Concentrated information in one place that is presented transparently to the relevant engineers and consultants is a reasonable requirement. Specify precise instructions and guidelines for the entire planning and performance team. BIM file of the product - this is the easiest and fastest way to meet the above conditions and thus market the product to the architect and the entire team.

The way to the millennials’ hearts

In architecture firms, they are the ones responsible for researching the new product market and construction solutions, and they are not going to read detailed product pages or advertisements in magazines, they are looking for a brand that understands their needs. What does it mean? They are looking for complete, reliable, and available information about the product. They don’t want to call a salesperson or fill out a form, they need answers and now. Therefore, provide information about your product digitally, online, concisely, and professionally.

What is the concept?

Architects and designers give great importance to the concept of the product. They want your brand to be in line with the ideology and values of their firm and are looking for a fit for the design concept of their project. In short, they want to know that you are on the same wavelength and that it’s clear from the first moment. Make your product accessible so that it can be immediately integrated into the design stages of the project and remember - the more information there is about the product, the more accessible the concept for those who choose it.

Form Follows Function

As manufacturers and product suppliers, you are probably aware of the importance of combining attractiveness and functionality. Therefore, the visual presentation of the product cannot focus on its shape and beauty alone. BIM is the best and most effective way to show the potential of your product in terms of both appearance and function, and leave its suitability for the project, visually and functionally, in the hands of the architect.

The product is a bridge

In the relationship between the architect and the contractor, a product can create a split, especially if this is the first time for one of the professionals to use it. The contractor is interested in three things: easy installation, low labor cost, and his profit line. If your product hits one of these points, then you must highlight its benefits in the early stages of design, emphasizing how the product can bridge the gaps between the architect and the contractor and increase the chances of purchase.

BIM allows the architect the implementation of your product in the early stages of the project. If you want to be on board with the changes currently taking place in the construction industry you have to move towards BIM. This is where Bimmatch gets in the picture. Using AI, we automate and streamline the procurement process of construction products and materials. In other words, Bimmatch connects you to BIM.

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