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Start accelerating your business with BIM

All big construction companies and all the big projects are now in the BIM practice - Make it your intelligent sales channel.

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How do you expose and share the best of your product's features and specifications?


Manage your products in a dedicated CMS (Content Management System) for the AEC and Industry 4.0.

All specifications, standards, and features of your products are now available and manageable in one place to be shared with construction project teams. 


With the Bimmatch platform, you can now be part of Industry 4.0 even without having BIM files of your products - our CMS takes your data and creates BIM out of it. We call it Lean-BIM.

Automatic entry to BIM and industry 4.0.

Create a market standard with your products

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Make your products comply with market standards.

Think BIG and make your own market standard!


So, what does it mean by market standard?


Leading organizations, or governmental entities/offices, most often ask for specific standards and specifications as a mandatory requirement to execute a project. Products that do not comply with those specifications are left out!


Bimmatch’s CMS provides the ability to comply with various standards.

Furthermore, the CMS enables you to specify parameters and values as your own market standard, for others to follow.


Project teams specify their projects with data, right from the early design phase and all the way to procurement, and further to the maintenance of the project.

Have your products available to be used directly on their project models. Any feature or specifications from your data can be used and will be shown on the Bill Of Materials of the project.


Then, get ready to receive RFQs, directly from the Bill Of Materials of the BIM project, with accurate and detailed requirements.

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Business Intelligence 

All the data of your products, used by projects teams or by any visitor on the Bimmatch platform, is being analyzed to slice and dice and provides you with real-time feedback, analytics and business reports.


Get control of data to sharpen your sales and marketing campaigns.

3D Configurator

Bimmatch provides a powerful 3D online configurator that is set explicitly to expose the product’s best features.

This enables any visitor on your website to modify and learn your products in a live 3D viewer, and to generate the desired configuration as RFQ and Bill Of Quantity.


The 3D Configurator is provided as a white label, which means that you can implement it wherever you choose - on your own website, blog, or on a local device to serve your sales agents.


Check out (below) the latest we have created for Klil Industries - A leading window manufacturer in the Israeli market.
Use the mouse click to rotate the 3D model and use the right click to move the model; In the right panel, use the controllers to configure the products.

BIM services

Along with our Lean-BIM approach that enables you quick access to Industry 4.0, we also provide BIM services to empower your products fully into the BIM world.

We create BIM geometry files of products, with full compliance to Autodesk Revit (.rvt, .rfa), standard BIM format (.ifc), and other formats. 


Bimmatch provides BIM services at the highest quality possible; This is how we secure high-quality content for project teams that use your content on Bimmatch’s platform.


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