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Looking for the Perfect Revit Plug-in?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

You can now enhance your architectural model with best-matching products filtered by categories, brands, vendors, locations, and most importantly -sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

The Revit software has become the software of choice for architecture, engineering, and consulting firms all around the world today, making it the industry’s preferred drafting software. Revit’s capabilities and potential as a Building Information Modeling platform greatly outweigh some of the growing pains it has endured over the past decade.

However, as with any productivity software, add-ons, apps, and plug-ins are available to simplify workflow and boost effectiveness. Revit is no exception. And this is where we jump into the picture.

Bimmatch has been working on creating the ultimate plug-in to Revit to keep your architectural project as updated, effective, and close-to-reality as possible. When connecting Revit to Our catalog you can easily apply BIM products to your plan. Our solution is exceptional in that it enables the assimilation of data in the architectural model as 3D or as parameters and also offers an automatic matching engine that according to diverse categories. You can be sure the products in our catalog are vetted and meet the requirements of worldwide standards such as PAS 1192-2, NBS (National BIM Object Standard), and ISO 19650 as applicable to BIM objects.

Bimmatch's plug-in to Revit is now available - Download the plug-in.

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