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All you need to know about the Bimmatch plug-in to Revit

How to start

  1. Download the plug-in if you haven't done it yet - Go to the plug-in page, fill in the required details and click the DOWNLOAD button;

  2. A verification email was sent to your email box (if you don't see it, check your spam folder), then click on the DOWNLOAD button and the file will be added to your desktop;

  3. Close the Revit application if it is opened; Open the downloaded file and install it by clicking all the NEXT buttons and finally clicking the FINISH button.

Installation is done and you can now enjoy it :)

Note, the plug-in will be updated automaticlly with any new version, so no worries here :)


Open it in the Revit file

  1. Open your Revit file and click the Bimmatch tab in the Revit ribbon;

  2. Click the SIGN IN button and sign in to enable all the plug-in functionalities;

  3. Click the BROWSE PRODUCTS button to open the Bimmatch catalog panel.

Now you can search and filter any product and apply it to your model.

Clicking on any element in your model and the catalog is filtred to the best-fit products!


View product details

Hovering the product's card in the catalog panel reveals 3 optional actions; Click the VIEW DETAILS button to open the product's details page in a web browser tab.

This page will provide you with all available information about the product, including the ability to download files specification sheets if available, and to view local distrebuters.

Note that you do not need to download the BIM file of a product from the details page if you want to apply it on your model, this can be done with the PLACE OBJECT action.

Insert product data

One of the unique values that the Bimmatch plug-in provides you is the ability to apply any specific parameter from a product data to a selected item in your model: 

  1. Select any item in your model;

  2. Hover a product card in the catalog and click the INSERT DATA action;

  3. In the open pop-up select any parameter that you would like to apply on the selected item in your model, and then click the INSERT DATA button to apply it.

Now the applied data is part of your model and you can view it in the Type Property panel of Revit under the last section "Other".


Place a product into your model

You can simply and easily apply a 3D BIM file of a product into your model:

  1. Hover a product card in the catalog and click the PLACE OBJECT action;

  2. Move to your model and hover the right location for placing the product - you should see the wired shape of the product on your model; Click to apply the product; You can go on and apply it as much as you need.

Note that not all products have an available 3D BIM file.


We are here for you

We are doing our best to provide a top-notch plug-in to help you match products to your design. Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, or other problems, please let us know so we can rectify these accordingly.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated! You can write to us at this address