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We are the google for the construction industry-

Matching products to project powered by AI accuracy

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What's the problem?

Budget overruns occur in up to 90% of projects

8.5% of construction budget overruns are due to BOM inaccuracy and deviations

Budget Overruns

Planning and management teams spend < 1800 hours during the lifetime of a project on sourcing the right products and materials for projects requirenments

Time Waste

Owners will pay > $0.5M for an average big-size building that does not comply with green building standards

Catch up with Sustainability

Our market

Global construction products and materials 

$3.5T Valuation

Global CAGR 2020

CAGR 5.6%

Marketing, Sales and Digitalization budgets
$750B Valuation

Bimmatch solves it

An AI-driven tool that automates and scale-up sales of construction materials, through a unique matching engine to construction projects

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  Online framework  + Plug-in to Revit 


Values we deliver 

Saving time with quick product-matching and automated Bill Of Materials

Assisting construction project to reach sustainability

Direct and transparent marketing channel for product's vendors

Our Partners


  The Founders  

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 12.32.12 AM

Eli Wasserman

COO / Head of Product

Digital product expert and experienced UX designer

Cheli Wasserman


Architect with 15 years of practice and BIM expert

M.Arch, DIA Germany


Sudhir Yelikar


Experienced System Architect and R&D team-leader

Let's bimmatch

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