AI-driven procurement process based on best-matching products for cost-effective and sustainable construction projects


Our market

Global construction products and materials 

$3.5T Valuation

Global CAGR 2020

CAGR 5.6%

Marketing, Sales and Digitalization budgets
$750B Valuation

What's the problem?

Budget overruns occur in up to 90% of projects

Up to 8.5% of construction budget overruns are caused by BOM deviations

Budget Overruns

Planning and management teams spend < 1800 hours during the lifetime of a project on searching for the right products and materials

Time Waste

Owners will pay > $0.5M for an average big-size building that does not comply with green building standards

Catch up with Sustainability

Bimmatch solves it

AI-driven platform to automate and scale-up sales of construction products and materials, through a unique matching engine to construction projects

  Online framework  + Plug-in to Revit 


Values we deliver 

Saving time with quick product-matching and automated Bill Of Materials

Assisting construction project to reach sustainability

Direct and transparent marketing channel for product's vendors

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Our vision

Bimmatch aims to be the BIG-INSIGHTS source for the construction industry, analyzing predictions and next trends

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  The Founders  

Cheli Wasserman


Architect with 15 years of practice and BIM expert


Cheli is deeply passionate about architecture. Graduated Master of Architecture from DIA Bauhaus in Germany, she was always in design research, looking for innovative solutions in this domain. She is a BIM expert with vast knowledge in the domain of construction and architectural planning.

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Eli Wasserman

COO and Product Lead

Digital product expert and experienced UX designer


Eli made his first academic years in architecture studies at the Politecnico a Milano, Italy and he has a great passion for architecture and design. Eli has extensive experience in building up digital products from scratch and leading design teams to create products with proven success.

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